Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pastor Mark Hoffman-Unlocking The Kingdom

When we focus on problems instead of blessings, we feel helpless and overwhelmed, and see ourselves as victims. Victim-type personalities have it backwards. They take responsibility for what others have done to them in the past but absolve themselves of responsibility for what they are doing or feeling in the present. Many carry guilt because someone else abused them, or carry shame because someone else abandoned them. In so doing, they take responsibility for the sin of someone else. They say “I can’t help it. I’m the way I am because of what so-and-so did to me in the past.” In this way they claim to be helpless or not responsible for the sinful way they are acting or feeling today. Are you a Christian authorlooking for a quality publisher that offers over 25 years of experience and expertise? Have you written a book and want to start the publishing process? CSN Books offers quality publishing services including: editing , cover design , printing , and distribution. Check out csnbooks.com for more information and download their FREE Ebook, "Before You Publish." Learn what you need to know before choosing a publisher. We can be searched under Christian publishers or CSN Books.

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