Monday, July 1, 2013

Pastor Mark Hoffman-Unlocking The Kingdom

Benjamin Franklin maintained that this one sentence above all others impacted his life: “Some people grumble because God placed thorns among the roses; why not thank God because He placed roses among thorns?” That sentence reflects a change in perspective; a small change that will revolutionize any life: while a person’s life may have had great hardships, there were also great blessings from God. Are you a Christian authorlooking for a quality publisher that offers over 25 years of experience and expertise? Have you written a book and want to start the publishing process? CSN Books offers quality publishing services including: editing , cover design , printing , and distribution. Check out for more information and download their FREE Ebook, "Before You Publish." Learn what you need to know before choosing a publisher. We can be searched under Christian publishers or CSN Books.

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