Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Partnership Publishing

What if you had a team of professionals that you could work with personally to help you publish, print, market and distribute your book for you? That is what we refer to as “partnership publishing.”

Your book is important to you. You have spent months if not years thinking about, writing and re-writing your manuscript. Now you need someone to help you with editing, typesetting, cover design, printing, marketing and distribution but you don’t necessarily just want to turn all your hard work over to a publisher to change it based on their “professional” opinion.

In today’s publishing world you have many options. Make sure you work with a publisher that is willing to partner with you to create a professional product but allows you to have the final decisions and also allows you to keep the rights to your book and cover design.

CSN books offers all publishing services including proofing, editing, and cover design.
Our printing is high quality, and we offer marketing and distribution.
We are also unique among Christian publishers in that we offer a free review to authors who submit their manuscript.