Friday, November 30, 2007

Beware of Print Ready

The biggest caution I can offer to authors before you publish is to be aware of companies that ask for print ready material. How can an author possibly know what print ready means and what the industry standards are for distributors? Shouldn't the publisher (the expert) be incharge of such important part of publishing a book? If a publisher ask you to provide orint ready material, run don't walk away from that company or all you will be printing is paper weights that distributors will laugh at.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Horror Stories

Sometimes small things can mean a lot. How many times have you seen books published without an ISBN number? Or, books printed without simple headers for the chapter titles? Or, books published with no price attached? All of these things are warning signs to the bookstores that your book was not professionally prepared. It is important that in the publishing industry, or in the Christian publishing industry, that you make sure that all the little things have been taken care of. Use a good cover design artist, a capable typesetter, and make sure you have your book professionally edited and proofed. No matter how capable you might be, there is always room for improvement.


Mike Wourms