Monday, July 1, 2013

How To Be Rich God's Way-Dr. Ed Dufresne

That's an area where you can see such dishonor in the church today. People see the pastor as "Ole' Jack" instead of "Pastor Jack". We had to deal with it in our church. When we started our church, a man said to my wife, "Hey, Nance!" I turned around and said, "Don't you address my wife and your pastor like that. You call her Pastor Nancy. If you don't honor her, you won't receive from her." You don't demand honor of folks, but they have to be taught. Are you a Christian authorlooking for a quality publisher that offers over 25 years of experience and expertise? Have you written a book and want to start the publishing process? CSN Books offers quality publishing services including: editing , cover design , printing , and distribution. Check out for more information and download their FREE Ebook, "Before You Publish." Learn what you need to know before choosing a publisher. We can be searched under Christian publishers or CSN Books.

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